Indoor Cannabis Winter Growing Tips


The seasons have changed. So have the temperatures with them. Are you seeing slower growth than previously? How much does the cold temperature affect your growth? Cannabis winter growing is an entirely different, but achievable discipline. Many factors play a part in ensuring your plants stay in optimum health throughout the growth cycle. Taking steps to help guarantee that your plants perform at their best at every stage and hour of the growth cycle will reward you with the crop you have been dreaming of. During the summer months outdoors, where plants are growing naturally with the sunlight and other essential elements, the temperatures during the day and night stay within a range that keeps the plant’s vitality at an optimum. This means that it is not being put into stressful situations that inhibit its growŧh. Have you ever seen a cannabis bush the size of a house growing outdoors along the west coast of America? These plants grow so large because they are in such ideal conditions, leading to exponential growth and bumper yields. So what are these conditions that plants require to stay on point day by day through the growing cycle? Why Temperature Matters when Growing Weed As covered before on the Seedsman blog, temperature has a fundamental role in ensuring the plant’s natural and vital functions can perform.  When we are indoor growing in a shed or loft space, and it’s the opposite time of the year to when cannabis plants naturally want to grow, it is your job as the gardener to deliver the planŧ’s needs. But this doesn’t just mean when the lights are on; we need to think about the temperature every hour of the plant’s life. During the flowering cycle, which lasts 8 to 10 weeks in most hybrid cultivars, any slacking…

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