Everything you need to know about the Hitoki Trident 'laser bong'


Recreational legalization has advanced more than the science of cultivation; breakthroughs in canna-tech are also ubiquitous to this infused era of enlightenment. Vaporizers once relegated to tabletops are now handheld, the gravity bong has become a prestige consumption device, and Hitoki, a novel producer of cutting-edge smoke-tech, has produced an all-inclusive waterpipe that uses an actual laser beam as its heat source.  The Hitoki Trident, or “laser bong” as it’s colloquially known, is a compact, three-part column that houses a small water chamber, a chamber for plant matter, and the machinery of a pinpoint-accurate laser beam meant to ignite cannabis in a way that’s extraordinary to observe.  Its premium price point ($499.99) may be exclusionary, but this device is less about function than fashion. Its appeal is firmly couched in the fact that it shoots a laser at weed in order to set it on fire, regardless of how efficiently the laser combusts. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hitoki Trident.  What is the Hitoki Trident? The Hitoki Trident is a sleek, columnal waterpipe roughly the size and shape of a Pringles can. When activated, it utilizes laser beam technology to combust cannabis in one comprehensive unit. The e-rig inspired system is meant to eliminate the use of butane lighters in favor of a heat delivery system Hitoki describes as “similar to a magnifying glass under the sun.”  The Hitoki Trident is unique in its construction; it ignites with the push of a button, its default mouthpiece is a hookah hose, its petite ceramic chamber holds less than a gram of ground flower, and its water chamber functions with only a few tablespoons of water. It’s light enough to pass around a smoke circle but sturdy enough for stationary status. It also has the dynamic vibe of a…

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