5 cannabis facts about Chelsea Handler, including the comedian’s favorite Colorado-made edibles

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Most everyone who’s ever been canna-curious has a story about a time when trying a product didn’t go as planned. For Chelsea Handler, those times were largely before marijuana was legal and eating an edible was about as predictable as forecasting the weather. “There was no way to tell how much you were taking. You’d take a cookie from someone and think you were watching a movie at a movie theater and I once got up to leave the movie theater only to realize I was on an airplane,” she said. “So I’ve had a lot of confusing times on unlabeled cannabis.” Those experiences largely turned the comedian, author, TV and podcast host off from cannabis, at least until it became legal in California. That’s when education about the substance, its components and effects began catching up with how it’s used. “I was not into that feeling of being so out of control,” Handler said. “Then with micro-dosing and the educative component that came with it, labeling the THC versus the CBD, understanding how those two things work together and understanding what your high is that you desire was just much more appealing.” In advance of her back-to-back performances at Denver’s Paramount Theatre on Nov. 11, here are five fun cannabis facts about Chelsea Handler. Her preferred way to consume cannabis is via edibles. “I don’t like to smoke too much. My throat gets sensitive, my lungs get sensitive,” Handler said. “Whatever I do I tend to overdo at times in my life, so I don’t like to have any sort of coughing.” While she doesn’t have favorite go-to products, she will rotate edibles based on her mood and activities. Handler keeps a little mini-fridge in her bedroom stocked with goodies. “To be honest, I get so much cannabis sent…

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Source : 5 cannabis facts about Chelsea Handler, including the comedian’s favorite Colorado-made edibles

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