The Drop: 5 strains hitting menus in November

This month of The Drop, Dante Jordan’s column rounding up all the can’t-miss strains and dabs from the best brands and growers, looks at anticipated releases from Pure Beauty, Grizzly Peak, and Cannabiotix. A new month and a whole new batch of strains you should be putting in your pipe and smoking. Here are the cannabis strains that are hitting menus in November. Pure Beauty: Casbah Gas I had some Lava Cake from Pure Beauty during my last California stop-through, and let me tell ya, the boy was smacked. So when I started to work on this month’s The Drop, it was one of the first brands to pop on me. It was perfect timing, as the company let me know a new in-house strain was on the way: Casbah Gas.  Pure Beauty’s Casbah Gas is a backcross of Super Silver Haze, which means SSH was crossed with itself to create this cultivar. The nose pops with aromatic notes of cheese gas and a slight sweetness. The taste is much of the same, brought to your mouth by a terpene profile abundant in ocimene (very rare), limonene, and caryophyllene. As for effects, you can expect Casbah Gas to hit like a Super Silver Haze: a cerebral high with mood-enhancing effects that pair well with daytime productivity. Pure Beauty has been working on this in-house strain for about two years, from pheno selection to development. Now, it’s finally ready to hit the market, so make sure you cop the first ever Casbah Gas drop in November. Available: California Find Pure Beauty Grizzly Peak: Big Steve’s Egyptian Kush Grizzly Peak be growing the shit out of some weed.  Last weekend I slid through Sweet Flower on Melrose to cop omething floral. That something turned out to be Grizzly Peak’s Egyptian Kush. It’s…

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