How To Grow Cannabis In A Small Space


Many people think they can’t grow their own cannabis plants because they don’t have enough room or limited space, but the truth is that it’s perfectly possible to develop a decent amount of bud in a small space. Sometimes referred to as micro-growing, the art of cultivating in tiny spaces has become hugely popular in recent years, and many people now grow their own weed in empty cupboards, narrow alleyways, or miniature grow tents. No need for a massive grow room! Which Cannabis Cultivars To Grow In A Small Space The first thing to consider when growing cannabis in a small space is genetics. As a general rule, Sativas are lankier and more expansive than Indicas, which tend to be short and compact. Sativa types also stretch more when they start flowering, sometimes doubling in height once the light regime changes. For this reason, it makes sense to go with Indica genetics if you have a limited amount of space. Autoflowering strains are also well adapted for micro-grows, as they typically remain relatively small. Cultivars like Afghani #1 and Sweet Dwarf both work well for growing cannabis in a small space. However, regardless of the strain you choose to cultivate, there are several factors you’ll need to consider if real estate is at a premium. For example, growing medium and container size can significantly impact the size of your plants. Most micro-growers tend to use soil and choose a pot based on how large they want their plants to get. Obviously, a larger pot allows for bigger roots, which translates to a beefier plant, so smaller containers are suitable for growing cannabis in a small space. The flip side of this is that restrictive containers increase the chances of your plants becoming root-bound, so you’ll need to remain vigilant and…

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