Pakistan to announce cannabis cultivation policy by December


Newsweed France reports.. Pakistani Minister of Science and Technology Shibli Faraz has announced the presentation of the policy for growing cannabis in the country by December of this year. During a meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Science and Technology, Minister Faraz stressed that the global cannabis market will reach 95 billion rupees ( editor’s note: the equivalent of 1 billion euros, an underestimated figure ) by 2025. Informing the committee about the cannabis production project, the federal minister said a liter of CBD oil was worth 10,000 rupees (or 115 euros). “Cannabis seeds will also be produced near Rawat,” Faraz said. Officials informed the committee that they would start growing Cannabis for industrial purposes first. As a first step, raw materials for cannabis will be imported and greenhouses will be built in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Officials added that experiments on cannabis oil have started, while the anti-narcotic force has approved four sites for growing cannabis. The chairman of the committee, Mehdi, expressed concern over the export of raw materials used for growing cannabis. The Minister of Science then assured that strict legislation would be adopted to put an end to the export of these raw materials. “There is no cannabis policy in the country yet. The policy on growing cannabis will be in place by December, ”Mr. Faraz reaffirmed. Source:

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Source : Pakistan to announce cannabis cultivation policy by December

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