The Problem with 'Indica' and 'Sativa' on Cannabis Labels: New Report


<![CDATA[The inadequacies of the “indica” and “sativa” labels have long been discussed and debated in the cannabis market. With the advent of a booming legal industry, those terms are more scrutinized than ever before—and yet they are still widely used for marketing purposes. Indica strains leave the user feeling relaxed and sleepy, as the lore has it, has sativa strains provide the user a refreshing burst of energy and creativity. It sounds enticing as a roadmap for cannabis experiences. But it falls short of reality.Dr. Sean Myles and his co-authors confirmed as much with their research paper, published in Nature Plants, which examines whether that indica-sativa dichotomy matches what users might experience with different chemovars. After analyzing 297 samples provided by Bedrocan International in the Netherlands, Myles and the Dalhousie University team determined that “Sativa- and Indica-labelled samples were genetically indistinct on a genome-wide scale.” The flower samples were tagged with labels along a five-point scale, such as one might see in a licensed dispensary: indica, indica-dominant, hybrid, sativa-dominant, sativa. Genetic testing revealed that those terms don’t correlate in any meaningful way with the effect of the plant’s chemistry.“All we’re doing in our study is demonstrating the degree to which these labels are good predictors of what’s in your package.,” Myles said in a phone interview. “What are you actually getting? The answer is they’re terrible predictors. It is not uncommon to get one sativa one week, and the next week you go to get [a] sativa [strain] because you liked it, but it’s chemically and genetically more similar to things labeled indica.”This is a problem. As longtime consumers and the “canna-curious” alike enter the regulated landscape, this marketing disfunction poses an issue for not only brand affinity and consumer interest but, to an extent, public safety. People want to know that…

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Source : The Problem with 'Indica' and 'Sativa' on Cannabis Labels: New Report

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