The Canadian Lawyer Magazine Publishes Article – “Special Feature: The psychedelic revolution has arrived”


Here’s what they say by way of introduction.. The rush to protect psilocybin and other psychedelics in a post-pandemic world Health professionals are increasingly turning their attention towards the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health — and new research is shedding light into the potential benefits of psychedelic treatments. Psychedelics are now proving to be extremely effective in treating mental health disorders, and recent findings could spur more research that may eventually lead to the legalizalization of these compounds. In this exclusive feature from Bereskin & Parr, discover the various ways innovators in the psychedelic space can protect their work as scientists begin to untangle their potential. Sign up now and gain insight into: Why patents provide the strongest protection for innovations in the psychedelic space How psychedelic companies or products can obtain trademark protection The value of trade secrets in the psychedelic industry Why companies should have an intellectual property strategy as early as now   AS THE WORLD begins to shake off the effects of the worst health crisis in generations, the attention of health professionals will turn, in part, to those who have suffered mental health issues during the pandemic. Psychedelics, such as psilocybin and mescaline, are now proving to be extremely effective at treating mental health conditions, which could completely transform the treatment of such disorders. However, these are not your parents’ groovy drugs – current research into these compounds is providing for accurate dosing for pharma-ceutical administration, while new derivatives with fewer side effects are just some of the advantages associated with the research into psychedelics. While psychedelic compounds remain illegal in most jurisdictions, the potential benefits are spurring a significant amount of research in the hopes that these compounds will be legalized and transform treatments for mental health. As the psychedelic revolution…

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Source : The Canadian Lawyer Magazine Publishes Article – “Special Feature: The psychedelic revolution has arrived”

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