Podcast: Mississippi House leader discusses where medical marijuana stands


Mississippi Today reports Mississippi Today political reporter Geoff Pender talks with Rep. Lee Yancey, who has led the House’s efforts to pass a medical marijuana program. Yancey detailed legislative negotiations about the marijuana program, as well as an impasse lawmakers have reached with Gov. Tate Reeves over several details of the proposal. Here’s the introduction ( transcript) Listen at.  https://mississippitoday.org/2021/10/18/podcast-lee-yancey-medical-marijuana/ Adam Ganucheau: Welcome to The Other Side, Mississippi Today’s political podcast. The Other Side lets you hear directly from the most connected players and observers across the spectrum of politics in Mississippi. From breaking news to political strategy to interviews with candidates and elected officials, we’ll bring you facts, perspectives, and context that helps you cut through the noise and understand all sides of the story. Geoff Pender: I’m Geoff Pender, political reporter at Mississippi Today. We’re joined today by Representative Lee Yancey. Representative Yancey is from Brandon. He represents District 74. I believe he has represented that district since 2020. Former longtime state Senator as well, I’ve known Representative Yancey for a long time, and it’s still hard not to call him Senator Yancey. Anyway, Representative Yancey is chairman of the House Drug Policy Committee. And as such, he has been a busy man this summer. We’ve recently heard on this podcast from Senator Kevin Blackwell, who’s one of the lead drafters and negotiators of the medical marijuana bill. READ MORE: No communication, last-minute gotcha: Gov. Tate Reeves is at it again with medical marijuana Representative Yancey is his counterpart in the House. Y’all have been working closely together. Representative Yancey, Chairman Yancey, welcome. Thank you for coming on today. Rep. Lee Yancey: Thanks, Geoff. It’s great to be here with you. Geoff Pender: We’ll get to it. This past week in talking with you and others, there’s been some, I guess you would…

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Source : Podcast: Mississippi House leader discusses where medical marijuana stands

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