Elderly Woman Successfully Treats Her Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil


A British woman in her eighties has managed to shrink her lung cancer using nothing but cannabis oil, according to a new paper in the prestigious journal BMJ Case Reports[i]. Unsurprisingly, the woman’s story has generated a great deal of excitement and debate, and provides much-needed scientific evidence for the potential of cannabis to treat cancer. Related Post Woman Treats Breast Cancer With Cannabis… 2000 Years Ago Using Cannabis To Treat Lung Cancer According to the study authors, the octogenarian woman was first diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2018, at which point her tumour measured 41 millimetres across. She was offered a series of surgical treatment options but refused them all, so doctors placed her under “watch and wait” surveillance. On the recommendation of a family member, the patient began taking cannabis oil two months after her lung cancer diagnosis, but didn’t initially tell her doctors. She continued to report to hospital for follow-up scans every three to six months, leaving doctors flabbergasted as they watched her cancer shrink progressively over the next two-and-a-half years. By February 2021, the woman’s tumour had decreased in diameter to just ten millimetres, representing a 76 percent reduction in size. It was at this stage that she revealed that she had been using cannabis oil to treat her lung cancer. The authors are keen to stress that apart from using cannabis, the woman did not change any other elements of her lifestyle, and even continued smoking cigarettes at a rate of one pack a week throughout this period. To put this case into a bit of perspective, patients who refuse conventional treatments for lung cancer typically survive for about seven months, while only 15 percent who undergo treatment live for more than five years. Amazingly, however, this patient’s lung cancer appears to have…

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