Using Cannabis To Treat Menopause


Despite a lack of scientific research into the efficacy of cannabis in treating menopause symptoms, recent surveys indicate that an increasing number of women are now using cannabinoids to manage their discomfort. Based on this anecdotal evidence, it seems plausible to believe that cannabis may be of use to women going through menopause. Related Post How Does Cannabis Affect Reproduction In Women? Why Are Women Turning To Cannabis During Menopause? Data presented at the recent North American Menopause Society Annual Meeting revealed that of 1,500 menopausal women surveyed in Alberta, Canada, around 500 claimed to use cannabis to alleviate their symptoms. Of these, two-thirds said they consumed marijuana to treat sleep issues, while 45 percent cited anxiety as their main reason for using weed. A further 33 percent said they used cannabis for muscle or joint pain, with a quarter doing so as a treatment for depression[i]. Overall, three-quarters of women said that cannabis was effective at alleviating their menopause symptoms. Commenting on these findings, study author Katherine Babyn from the University of Alberta stated that the survey “confirmed that a large percentage of midlife women are using cannabis for symptoms that overlap with menopause,” and that “many of these women are claiming to get relief for their symptoms through the use of cannabis.” These results echo a separate survey of 232 midlife women veterans presented at last year’s meeting. Around two-thirds of respondents claimed to use cannabis to deal with hot flashes and night sweats, while less than half said they had sought out traditional treatments like oestrogen replacement therapy for these symptoms[ii]. Given that many women are not comfortable with the idea of hormone replacement therapies or the use of opioids to deal with joint pain, these surveys indicate that cannabis may represent a more palatable option for…

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