Diversity Your Cannabis Breeding Portfolio


<![CDATA[With the wide array of cultivars available, cultivators need to diversify their genetic portfolios to maintain consumer-based interest. While selecting a few fast-growing, high-yielding, potent strains will meet inventory demands, medicinal and adult-use consumers alike seek out specific traits and novel experiences. Offering a well-balanced menu of sativa, hybrid, and indica genetics is a great place to start, but going above and beyond will set you apart from the competition.There are also numerous other valuable traits to consider when it comes to selecting that next winning cultivar. Beyond achieving an elevated THC content, cultivators should consider novel characteristics, such as specific cannabinoid production (THCV, CBN, CBG, etc.) and the ratios in which they occur; unique terpene synthesis (nerolidol, guaiol, bisabolol, etc.) that create distinct aromatic and flavor profiles; and appealing bud structure with a focus on stacking density, color composition, and trichome abundance. Additional considerations include growth and developmental traits, namely genetic stability, the time needed to complete the vegetative and flower cycle, and consistency in growth patterns and flower production.Read more: 5 Tips for Cultivar Selection at Scale  ]]>

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