Headset Publishes Reviews of Illinois & Maryland Cannabis Markets


First up Illinois where the takeaway is Illinois reached $1.1B in total cannabis sales so far this year, and is only a little more than $400K away from surpassing Michigan as the third highest market for cannabis sales in the US. Illinois has the second highest Vapor Pen share (+26.2%) compared to other US markets that we track in Headset Insights, and the second lowest share for Flower at 42.7%. While there haven’t been any major shifts in category market shares so far this year, Concentrates share has decreased slightly from 8.5% to 6.9% from January to August, and Vapor Pens have increased their share from 25.6% to 27.2% from January to July this year. A_high-level_overview_of_the_Illinois_cannabis_market   Next comes Maryland where they write by way of introduction… Although total cannabis sales have been low in Maryland compared to other US markets with only $370M through August 2021, sales have been fairly steady month to month, ranging from $42M – $48M in the last eight months. Maryland has the second highest share to Flower compared to other US markets, and the lowest market share to Edibles at 7.4%. This might be due to the high average item prices of Edibles in Maryland. A_high-level_overview_of_the_Maryland_cannabis_market

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Source : Headset Publishes Reviews of Illinois & Maryland Cannabis Markets

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