CiiTECH Announced as Gold Sponsor of Cannabis Europa London


Cannabis Europa is happy to announce that CiiTECH, a leading cannabis research company, is Gold Sponsor of Cannabis Europa London. CiiTECH is a consumer-focused cannabis research company that focuses on discovering, developing and commercialising medical cannabis products for the global market. CiiTECH partners and collaborates with leading institutions and companies to realize the full potential of cutting-edge cannabis innovation. CiiTECH is also a brand-building consumer goods company that creates niche brands based on its industry knowledge and data driven consumer habits. The business was established in 2017 with the intention of bringing the latest Israeli cannabis research and innovations to the global market, starting with the UK and Europe, where industry standards are considered among the highest in the world. After conducting research with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, CiiTECH launched its first and flagship brand Provacan in the UK, a science-led brand that quickly became known for its high quality and trustworthy CBD products.   Talking about CiiTECH and its sponsorship of Cannabis Europa London, CEO and Founder, Clifton Flack, said: “Big bangs come from big targets, that’s why CiiTECH invests in research opportunities and tech partnerships to help drive product development. What sets us apart is our approach to commercializing these cannabis healthcare opportunities and our proven success in doing so. When I launched CiiTECH nearly 5 years ago it was to be a CBD company with a lofty healthcare ambition. The medical cannabis industry was blossoming and presenting a lot of low-level science as medical facts…It still is.  The CBD wellness industry was also blossoming by selling simpler less psychoactive products without health claims…and we still are. We strive to bridge the gap between medical and supplement CBD with our portfolio of brands that sell science-led products, formulated to meet the demands of serious use of CBD.  CiiTECH…

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Source : CiiTECH Announced as Gold Sponsor of Cannabis Europa London

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