STIIIZY Introduces New Sustainable Pod Packaging


We Are Proud To Announce The Release Of a New, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Version Of Our Pod Packaging LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The STIIIZY pod is the best-selling brand in California and the third best-selling brand in the U.S., and with that honor comes the responsibility to be more eco-conscious. With that in mind, the STIIIZY design team has been hard at work on a new pod packaging design that we’re finally ready to unveil. Many considerations go into any packaging design: What is the function of a particular package? What are the regulatory requirements we need to satisfy? What are the brand considerations? What small changes in each package can add up to big steps forward for sustainability over time? First off, we switched the materials we use for our pod packaging to now be made completely out of cardboard, making it easier to recycle after usage. The team then focused on using less material overall for packaging. That started with replacing the paper user manual with a QR code. That one decision eliminated the need for those tiny pamphlets and a digital version is easily accessed by scanning the code with your phone (Android or iPhone). We further cut down on packaging waste with a new inner tray design, allowing for a smaller version of our original packaging. Additional changes to the package design include a redesigned label, including the holographic authentication sticker on packages sold in every market STIIIZY products are available (California, Michigan, Nevada, Washington, and Arizona), placing the strain name call-out on the front and moving the child-resistant, tamper-evident punch-out mechanism to the back, allowing for batch labels on the left side, which double as tamper-evident labels. “This effort is one of many STIIIZY implementations in becoming a green, environmentally conscious company, and sustainability is a mindset…

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