How to Grow Cannabis Using the Sea of Green Method


The sea of Green (SOG) or SOG method is a technique that cannabis growers use to increase their harvest while also decreasing the time it takes to reach the end of a grow cycle. Essentially, it involves growing many small plants instead of a few large ones. Thus filling a grow room with a “sea” of green cannabis. The sea of green technique is an excellent and proven method of cannabis cultivation. Related Post What is the SCROG Method? Sea of Green – How It’s Done The ultimate aim of SOG is to shorten the amount of time that plants spend in the veg stage and cause them to start flowering earlier than they naturally would. As a result, plants stay small and typically only develop one main bud site. Obviously, this means that each individual plant produces far less weed than one might expect from a full-size plant. However, keeping plants miniature means you can fit a lot more of them into your growing space. This ultimately enables you to produce more bud per grow cycle. What’s more, the reduced time to harvest allows growers to fit more cycles into a year, making SOG a very effective method for boosting overall yields. Not to be confused with the screen of green (SCROG) method, the sea of green growing method relies on clever lighting to trick plants into flowering early. As such, it is only possible with photoperiod cannabis plants. Autoflowering varieties can’t be induced to produce inflorescences before they are ready. As most cannabis growers know, the grow light regime has a considerable influence over the growth cycle. How to Light a SOG During vegetation, plants are generally given 18 hours of light every 24 hours. They usually won’t produce bud until the photoperiod is switched to 12 hours.…

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