Los Angeles County Earmarks $5M to Combat Illicit Cannabis

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The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has allocated nearly $5 million to combat illicit cannabis, earmarking the money to address the proliferation of unlicensed dispensaries across the county and illegal marijuana cultivation sites in the region’s Antelope Valley. Supervisor Kathryn Barger announced the approval of the funding last week, characterizing the illegal cannabis growing operations and retailers as dual “crises.” “Illegal cannabis operations continue to threaten the well-being of our residents, water supply and environment,” Barger said in a press release. “By empowering and equipping our law enforcement partners with the resources they need, we can better protect our communities.” The funds allocated by the Board of Supervisors includes $2.4 million dollars Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to reinforce its efforts to eradicate unlicensed cannabis cultivation sites in the Antelope Valley and stop water theft in the area. The board cited environmental damage and quality of life nuisances as reason for the move. The money allocated to the sheriff’s department includes $1.2 million for overtime pay for the department’s Marijuana Eradication Team for efforts to eliminate unlicensed cannabis cultivation. Another $503,000 will be spent on overtime for patrol deputies at the sheriff’s department’s Lancaster station to deter ongoing water theft in the area, and $707,000 will be spent on trucks needed to conduct investigations of illegal grow sites and other operations often carried out on dirt roads and in rough terrain.  The sheriff’s department also received $2.5 million for its Cannabis Consumer Health and Safety Task Force to combat illegal cannabis dispensaries in unincorporated areas across Los Angeles County, as well as unlicensed marijuana growers in the Antelope Valley. Barger’s office noted that since last year, the number of illegal cannabis cultivation sites in the Antelope Valley area has increased from approximately 150 to more than 500. Massive Bust…

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Source : Los Angeles County Earmarks M to Combat Illicit Cannabis

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