The History of Dutch Passion


Dutch Passion’s journey began decades ago with a young student at the University of Amsterdam. Henk van Dalen was in his second year studying biology and pharmacology and was fascinated by psychedelics and drugs. Driven by this growing passion and wanting to secure a regular supply, he started growing cannabis using seeds from Thailand and Nigeria. Gaining experience in cultivation and breeding, he soon made a name for himself in the small, bustling microcosm of cannabis enthusiasts in the Dutch capital in the early 1970s. He quickly gained a reputation as an experienced breeder. Capable of producing much more exciting strains than the seeds imported from Africa and Asia. Source: Dutch Passion blog Early Innovators In the early 1980s, Henk started to more widely distribute his seeds. One of his first creations, Passion #1 – then called Amstel Gold – contained no less than 18% THC. An inordinate amount for this time. But Passion #1 played a much more significant role in the history of cannabis than one might think. Along with other seeds coming out of Europe at the time, it helped convince the public that European production could be as good as, or even better than, imported seeds. So was born the cannabis seed market as we know it today. One of which most seeds are produced in Europe or the United States. Pushed by this initial success, Henk continued his work. In 1987 he founded the Dutch Passion seed bank. In 1988 he opened a coffee shop called “Homegrown Fantasy,” where he only sold seeds produced in the Netherlands. A little later, Henk won the High Times Coffee Shop Cup with his Haze/Skunk. But it was only later, in the 1990s, that Henk and Dutch Passion earned the right to be counted among the legends of cannabis,…

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Source : The History of Dutch Passion

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