Farmers Switch From Raising Chickens For Slaughter To Growing Hemp With Help Of Animal Advocacy Group

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Some farmers are making a financial and ethical transition in the current economy that can be neatly summed up as going from hens to hemp. The Transfarmation Project, an initiative from the advocacy group Mercy For Animals, helps businesses move away from raising chickens for slaughter to growing crops like industrial hemp instead. For 30 years, the Halley family raised chickens in 12 factory-style sheds at their farm. But with support from Mercy For Animals' Transfarmation project, they've made a successful shift to growing hemp! — Mercy For Animals (@MercyForAnimals) October 9, 2021 Mercy For Animals—which has also conducted numerous investigations into the agro-industrial complex and released footage of certain businesses in an effort to expose cruelty toward animals—has shared several recent stories of farmers who’ve made the transition to cannabis.

Take the Halley Farm in Texas, for example. For 30 years, the operation “raised six flocks of chickens a year—192,000 birds per batch,” the group said. But with support from the animal activists, the family operation switched over to hemp and recently completed its first harvest. "We decided that we would […] go from killing animals to growing something, from destroying things to creating things." With help from Mercy For Animals' Transfarmation Project, the Halley family transitioned away from raising chickens to growing hemp — Mercy For Animals (@MercyForAnimals) October 5, 2021 “Growing something just changes your heart, compared to killing something,” Evan Penhasi, a hemp farmer who aided Halley Farm’s transition from growing birds to growing buds. “And this whole process has transformed a family that really I think was in despair for a very, very, very long time and has transformed it into something now that is thriving and is connected and close.” “We decided that we would grow hemp and go from killing…

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Source : Farmers Switch From Raising Chickens For Slaughter To Growing Hemp With Help Of Animal Advocacy Group

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