Angermeyer On Linked In – “Dear Humanity I Am The Solution To Your Problems.. Make Me Very Rich”


This man has some serious delusions of granduer…. Here’s his latest post to Linked In. If we were writing the next Bond script we’d just use this as our template. Remember the quest has just begun.   Why the number of people needing mental health support is all 100% of the world’s population   October 10th is World Mental Health Day  Today, on occasion of World Mental Health Day, many are highlighting the shocking scale of the global mental health crisis and how this affects approx. a staggering one billion people worldwide – over one seventh of the global population. Unfortunately though, as harrowing and monstrous this number is, it is my belief that this is a gross UNDER-estimate. Ultimately, the number of people needing mental health support is arguably all 100% of the world’s population. Here is why: 1) De-stigmatization will show the true magnitude of the problem Shockingly, mental health issues are still stigmatised. This means, many people who need and deserve help, are not reaching out. Not to their families. Not to their friends, not to a therapist. And their number is not counted in the official statistics. Luckily, this is gradually getting better. Society is waking up. There should be no stigma to mental health issues, as there is no stigma to cancer or any other disease. It happens to the best of us. Trust your friends and family and, above all, seek help.  But, as we overcome this stigma we will then see an explosion of number of patients and extent of required support. 2) The world we are creating is a disaster in the making for our mental health. We are facing a mental health pandemic Beyond an escalation in patient numbers through de-stigmatization, the world we are building – full of technological wonders but also constant change and disruption – is very bad…

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Source : Angermeyer On Linked In – “Dear Humanity I Am The Solution To Your Problems.. Make Me Very Rich”

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