We tried it: Papa & Barkley's Sleep Suite


I’d be remiss if I didn’t start this review with the story of how I first came to love cannabis. Back in 2010, when California law permitted the use of weed for medical purposes only, I was a newly minted adult struggling with anxiety and insomnia. I tried breathing exercises, aromatherapy, over-the-counter sleep aids, and prescription-level pharmaceuticals only to find that each option fit squarely on one extreme of a wild spectrum. Everything I tried was either useless or way too effective, leaving me feeling drowsy and muddled the next day. I didn’t expect much when my older brother gifted me my very first White Widow plant, but it grew quite literally like a weed and a few months later, my mom and I were using the harvested buds to make infused gingersnaps.  It’s not hyperbolic to say those gingersnaps changed my life. I still remember the first night I tried one and drifted off to the most restful night of sleep I’d had in months. I woke up feeling calm and recharged. It was like I’d experienced a small miracle.  Ten years later, the legalization of adult-use cannabis in California and other states has resulted in an explosion of weed products specifically designed for sleep. Compared to the products we have at our disposal today, my homegrown weed and homemade edibles look primitive, but they exposed me to the effectiveness of cannabis as a sleep aid.  Few brands are as primed to deliver a quality weed sleep aid as Papa & Barkley, a trusted leader in the space of cannabis wellness products. I’ve been a longtime fan of Papa & Barkley’s high-CBD Releaf Balm, so I was excited to try the brand’s new line of sleep-specific products. The lineup includes a CBN-forward suite of edibles, capsules, and a tincture…

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Source : We tried it: Papa & Barkley's Sleep Suite

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