Sir Paul McCartney Reveals He Hides Hemp Crop From Young Thieves

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On an episode of “River Cafe Table 4” podcast that originally aired October 4, Sir Paul McCartney, 79, revealed that he has to hide his hemp crop from young would-be thieves who are tempted to steal plants, mistaking them for THC-rich cannabis.  In the 26-minute episode, McCartney also recalled tasting wine for the first time with John Lennon in Paris, being a vegetarian and growing organic plants on his property at his rural mansion home in the village of Peasmarsh in East Sussex. “We grow crops,” the former Beatle said. “We like to grow spelt wheat, rye, peas and more.” One particular species stood out. “We’re just really starting to grow hemp,” McCartney admitted. “What’s interesting about government regulation is that every child gets in and robs it, so we have to keep it in a place where people can’t see it. about it!” Growing hemp in the UK can be legal if a person jumps through the right regulatory hoops, which are tight. Only hemp plants which have a maximum amount of 0.2 percent THC can be grown in the UK. Individuals must secure a license from the Home Office to grow hemp plants, and the office can impose limitations on farming operations. The lure of stealing one of his hemp plants is high. Imagine getting your hands on a fan leaf grown by none other than McCartney—the “most successful musician of all time” by many standards. All Organic McCartney went on to explain that his farms are 100 percent organic and the farms do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. “It’s organic,” he said. “I became organic over 20 years ago.” In the late 70s, McCartney chose to become vegetarian, which he still practices to this day, and is all about health. He does routine yoga handstands, for…

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