Sicily: Report says region launches free supply of medical cannabis in all Provincial Health Authorities


Cannabis Terapeutica reports… Sicily Region and medical cannabis: the mobilization of the Medical Cannabis Patients Committee  Following a note sent by the Medical Cannabis Patients Committee to report the Provincial Health Authorities (ASP) that were still in default in distributing medical cannabis to eligible patients, the Sicily Region announced that “the Health Authorities subject to the report, in order to ensure the NHS supply of this galenic, have adopted in the previous months specific resolutions with pharmacies open to the public or, pending the signing of the agreement, have authorized the supply of preparations containing cannabinoids in case of prescriptions compliant with current legislation ” . This was communicated on its website by the Medical Cannabis Patients Committee itself, which also presented the motion for the extension of the free provision for other treatments and other pathologies in addition to those already provided for by the regional health system , such as the treatment of chronic pain, for which the free provision is provided for by the decree of the Department of Health of January 17, 2020. In particular, now the attention of the motion is turned to epilepsy. “ Sicily can offer itself as the leading region for estimating medical cannabis needs, ” said Angela Foti, vice president of Ars and regional deputy of Attiva Sicilia. “It is time to start all the necessary interlocutions at the State-Regions Conference to update the list of diseases for which the use of cannabis for medical use is foreseen and to overcome the stalemate maintained inexplicably by the State in terms of cannabis production medical. This situation is a harassment of the thousands of sick people who are only formally allowed to be treated ”. The motion for the extension of the disbursement The motion dates back to last August, when the Medical Cannabis Patients Committee addressed the Councilor for Health Ruggero Razza to ask…

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Source : Sicily: Report says region launches free supply of medical cannabis in all Provincial Health Authorities

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