Dialing In Expectations for Cannabis Legalization in 2022: Week in Review


<![CDATA[A number of advocacy groups and state legislative committees are gathering either signatures or intel on opportunities to legalize cannabis in 2022—for medical or adult use, depending on the individual state’s place in the great timeline of reform. See below for some of these recent stories.We’re working on a feature that will take a close look at those attempts and suss out the likelihood of certain efforts. But we’re curious about your perspectives, too. Is your U.S. state or country preparing to legalize cannabis to one degree or another next year? What are you doing to prepare for that?Let us know. Feel free to send an email with your insights and your thoughts on the wave of reform—and whether you think you’ll catch it in 2022. This process is ongoing, and it’s one reason why we put together the Startup and Expansion Guide in our August 2021 issue. We’ve rounded up some of the key cannabis headlines from the week right here.The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection is working with a local vendor to implement a cannabis analytic tracking system for when adult-use sales begin in the state next year. Read more Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action filed two initiative petitions Oct. 7 to bring cannabis policy reform measures to the state’s 2022 ballot. Read more The Ontario government introduced the Supporting People and Businesses Act Thursday to provide continued support to citizens throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by modifying or reducing specific standards and regulations. Read more Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency will oversee the sale of all cannabis-derived THC products in the state starting next week. Read more More than six months after New York legalized adult-use cannabis, the state’s Cannabis Control Board held its first public meeting Oct. 5. Associate Editor Tony Lange reports on what happened. Read more And elsewhere on the web, here are the stories…

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