‘3x Stronger’ Than THC? The Latest Cannabinoid THC-O Arrives

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Although his Higher Life dispensary is located in the midwestern U.S. state of Indiana, where adult-use cannabis is still illegal, owner Brandon Howard has added one new product after another over the past few months. Earlier this year, all the rage was over hemp-derived Delta-8 THC products: federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, and psychoactive enough to produce a high similar enough to regular old (and banned) plant-derived THC to move markets. But with the federal government and the states cracking down on Delta-8, Howard started offering edibles and vaporizer cartridges featuring yet another “new” cannabinoid (or new to consumers, at least): THC-O, or THC-O acetate. What is THC-O? First discovered by chemists decades ago (and first observed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in 1978) THC-O is an analogue of “regular” plant-derived Delta-9 THC, meaning its chemical structure is similar. More specifically, THC-O is a “prodrug,” meaning after the body metabolizes THC-O, it becomes THC. THC-O can be derived from Delta-8 THC, which is obtained from CBD—which in turn comes from hemp, which is legal to cultivate, sell, and tinker with. In April, the U.S. Patent and Trade Office issued Nextleaf Solutions, what they believe is the first patent for a THC-O extraction process. This is why THC-O is important to Howard—as well as any other business or entrepreneur eager to participate in the greater cannabis industry, while staying outside of  regulated adult-use markets—because it means he can sell it in Indiana. So far, the reception is encouraging, he told Cannabis Now recently. “I’ve had customers tell me it helps with their appetite,” he said. Others say using THC-O is like eating “way too many gummies,” he added, describing the effect in turn as “a slight feeling of being on psychedelics” and “an indica and a sativa feeling.” …

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