OLCC and ODA Field Testing on Hemp and Marijuana Raises Questions


As noted in Brett Mulligan’s update on OLCC’s Operation Table Rock, and OLCC’s own press release on the subject, preliminary results from OLCC’s presumptive testing program for hemp grows, as authorized by HB 3000, showed that 58% of samples collected from 212 registered hemp grows tested above the limits established by OLCC’s temporary rule for THC content. In other words, according to OLCC, 58% of registered hemp grows were actually growing marijuana, not hemp. RAPID FIELD TESTING VS. LABRATORY RESULTS This eye-popping statistic is rather shocking, given that as of December 2020, 93% of registered harvest lots of hemp fields detected below the legal limit of THC allowed in hemp (0.349%), according to a study by Oregon State University. Did the majority of Oregon’s registered hemp growers suddenly decide to start growing marijuana this year? If not, what accounts for this wide disparity in test results between 2020 and 2021? One possible answer is that the data used by OLCC in their press release, and relied upon by ODA to issue orders detaining and eventually destroying wide swaths of this year’s hemp crop, is wildly different from the 2020 data analyzed by OSU, which reviewed results from preharvest testing conducted by laboratories licensed by OLCC and certified by OHA. Indeed, it turns out, based on information revealed by OLCC’s new Director of Compliance, Jason Hanson, at a recent virtual gathering of the Oregon State Bar’s Cannabis and Psychedelic Law section, that OLCC’s data is based not on laboratory results, but rather the results of a rapid field testing unit used by law enforcement. There is little, if any data, that has been revealed publicly about the reliability of these field testing units, which appear to have been purchased by OLCC from a company based in New Hampshire. BLOCKING BUSINESS Furthermore, OLCC’s press release referred to the…

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