Third California City Moves To Decriminalize Psychedelics As Reform Movement Expands

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Another California city has effectively decriminalized a wide range of psychedelics, with the Arcata City Council unanimously approving the reform on Wednesday. The 5-0 vote means that the possession, cultivation and distributions of entheogenic substances like psilocybin and ayahuasca will be among the city’s lowest law enforcement priorities. The measure further calls on the Humboldt County District Attorney “to consider the spirit and intent of this resolution when evaluating whether to prosecute persons involved in the use of Entheogenic Plants and Fungi.” It explicitly states that the commercial sale and manufacturing of psychedelics, as well as driving under the influence, will remain prohibited.

Danielle Daniel, lead organizer of Decriminalize Nature Humboldt, told Marijuana Moment that this reform represents “a pivotal point in history by reclaiming our sovereign right to explore our consciousness, and to choose the path of healing that we see best fit for ourselves.” “With decriminalization, Arcata residents will be able to ingest, gift, gather, grow, and share entheogens without fear of arrest,” she said. “By destigmatizing entheogens, the community will have more openness to conversing about the healing potential of psychoactive plants and fungi.” This marks the third California city to decriminalize psychedelics, following similar reforms that lawmakers have enacted in Oakland and Santa Cruz. In Oakland, the first city in the country where a city council voted to broadly deprioritize criminalization of entheogenic substances, lawmakers approved a follow-up resolution in December that calls for the policy change to be adopted statewide and for local jurisdictions to be allowed to permit healing ceremonies where people could use psychedelics. A bill to legalize psychedelics in California advanced through the Senate and two Assembly committees this year before being pulled by the sponsor to buy more time to generate support among lawmakers. The plan is to take up the reform during…

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Source : Third California City Moves To Decriminalize Psychedelics As Reform Movement Expands

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