Some Questions To Greg Rovner, CEO of Heally On Filed Legislation For Psychedelics Research In Florida


You may have already read our piece …. A Few Questions To Dr. John Huber CEO At TripSitter Clinic On Recent Legislation Filed To Study Psychedelic Compounds In Florida We also asked Greg Rovner, CEO of Heally the same series of questions about the hoped for  boost to research in Florida. Greg is based out of San Francisco and runs Heally, a B2B platform that is aggregating cannabis, psychedelics, homeopathy, and other alternative medicine clinics using their EMR/telemedicine software. Greg Rovner, CEO of Heally   Greg…Firstly, your thoughts on the bill We think this bill is an excellent step forward for both the state of Florida and the nation’s respective psychedelic industries. We welcome any opportunity to study psychedelics because we deeply believe in their potential. A recent review commissioned by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration found that psychedelic drugs could potentially be used to treat treatment-resistant mental illnesses, but only if they were used in closely supervised clinical settings, with intensive professional support. We are confident that should these bills pass, they will lead to similar findings. Have you been working with the representatives and/or any other parties to put the legislation together and we’d be especially interested to know if you have worked with any lawyers or law firms on the proposed legislation? No, we have not. However, we support any research-based attempts to legalize psychedelics as well as any research into them.    Can you give us some of the details of the bill and who it will benefit in requesting that the Department of Health study psilocybin, ketamine, and MDMA as treatments? Are there specific demographics e.g.veterans or do you see that it is just time for relevant bodies to take these compounds more seriously and avenues for medical treatment? The legislation would require the DOH and…

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Source : Some Questions To Greg Rovner, CEO of Heally On Filed Legislation For Psychedelics Research In Florida

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