Big Pharma has Controlled Medicine in America Since 1910


Rockefeller and Carnegie set up a medicine for profit system that would become Big Pharma. The roots of the grip Big Pharma companies have on medicine stretch deep into America’s oligarchic past. They first took hold in the same soil that nourished the growth of Big Oil and Big Railroad. John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, the era’s titans of industry, followed a well-known playbook of acquiring near monopolies to push their fortunes ever higher. But, after cornering the markets in steel and oil, their desire for more wealth drove them toward new markets, like medicine. Before the early 1900s, American medicine was an amalgamation of holistic and scientific practices. Myriads of medical schools handed out all sorts of diplomas, certifying future physicians based on whatever the school deemed solid practice. Many institutions touted the benefits of plants and natural remedies, keeping the hard-won ideals of pioneer-era medical practices alive, while others promoted the early scientific progress that marked the steam age’s rapid path towards modern medicine. The Beginnings Of Modern Medicine But, where others saw a healthy and robust marketplace of ideas, Rockefeller saw an opportunity. Once he found out about petrochemicals, he seized upon the idea of synthetic medication. Just a few years earlier, in 1847, the American Medical Association was founded in New York by two physicians hoping to collect and endorse the most effective and ethical practices of medicine. The AMA puttered along for a few years, creating a still-famous scientific journal as well as a judicial council to deal with medical ethics. It wasn’t until 1910 that the institution truly changed from an organ that reflected the state of medical science in America into a tool that sought to re-shape it. That year, the AMA published a booklet called, “Medical Education in the United States and…

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Source : Big Pharma has Controlled Medicine in America Since 1910

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