Article: Minnesota Court of Appeals ruling could ruin state’s hemp industry


Greenway write… The CBD business in Minnesota Could be Doomed according to Minnesota Cannabis Association A precedent-setting ruling from the Minnesota Court of Appeals has the potential to upend the state’s burgeoning hemp industry, with impacts on both consumers and retailers. Minnesota-v-Loveless On September 13, 2021, the appellate court upheld a drug conviction based on evidence of an unspecified amount of THC in vape liquid. The ruling suggests that hemp laws allowing trace amounts of THC may not protect people who possess hemp-derived liquids in any form, including popular extracts such as CBD oil. Unless the ruling is challenged or legislators amend state laws, the court’s interpretation of Minnesota law could lead to hesitation and fear among people who use hemp extracts to relieve pain and anxiety. It also puts the businesses who sell such products in a precarious position. Implications for hemp consumers and retailers “If the ruling is upheld, it has the possibility of destroying the industry as we know it,” said Elliot Ginsburg, an attorney for the industry organization Minnesota Cannabis Association. “It would allow the sale and possession of hemp flower only and would criminalize the sale and possession of extracts.” For consumers, it could mean buying vape cartridges might put them at risk of criminal charges — but also CBD oil, sleep aids containing CBN, tinctures, gummies and other edibles. As for the hemp industry: “It really puts everybody in the industry at risk,” Ginsburg said, “whether they’re manufacturers, processors or retailers selling CBD products. Any product derived from hemp other than hemp flower is potentially a controlled substance under this ruling, and anyone in possession or selling it is potentially subject to criminal charges.” Read more   Also see

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Source : Article: Minnesota Court of Appeals ruling could ruin state’s hemp industry

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