Is the Pandemic a Catalyst for the End of Prohibition?


History highlights the absurdity of legal alcohol alongside illegal cannabis – time for the end of prohibition.  It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world’s economy to its knees. Across the globe, in 2020, there were record-breaking levels of unemployment. In fact, the virus negativity impacted four out of five jobs, worldwide. Importantly, the pandemic ushered in an unprecedented period of personal uncertainly and self reflection, professional turmoil, and, unfortunately, an increase in alcohol abuse. The ongoing pandemic was and is the perfect backdrop for the end of prohibition of cannabis. But, no. The End of Prohibition Starts with the People The history of prohibition in America starts with alcohol. The 18th Amendment made the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol illegal. When was prohibition? It started in 1920 and ended in 1933. Truthfully, the prohibition amendment lost public support during the Great Depression, which hit Europe and the United States the hardest. And it became an unenforceable policy – finally bringing the end of prohibition. Sadly, prohibition had already allowed organized crime gangs in the U.S. to flourish. This was largely due to high-margin profits from selling illegal booze that then fuelled underground empires. Corruption, violent turf wars, and often unsafe and over-priced alcohol followed. Soon life with legal booze didn’t look so bad. So, it makes sense that those struggling financially spoke up in favour of safer streets and alcohol that was regulated, fairly-priced and not poisonous. Those families and individuals on or below the breadline yearned for legalized, taxable alcohol all through prohibition. Additionally, this was all wasted income the government could have used to help the poor instead of lining the pockets of ruthless gangsters, like Al Capone. When Alcohol is Legal but Cannabis is Not Drink is the deadliest killer in the drug world, legal or…

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Source : Is the Pandemic a Catalyst for the End of Prohibition?

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