Ohio Board of Pharmacy Releases Applications for 73 New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Law Firm Walter Haverfield write.. eptember 21, 2021  Since its inception in 2018, Ohio’s medical marijuana program has continuously struggled with poor patient accessibility. In November 2020, 62% of registered patients reported having to travel more than 10 miles to reach a dispensary. To improve patient access, the Board of Pharmacy has approved the issuance of up to 73 new dispensary licenses. Interested applicants will need to move quickly, as this application window will close on November 18 at 2:00 pm EST. The new dispensaries will be distributed across Ohio’s 31 “dispensary districts” based on patient population, with a goal of ensuring a ratio in each district of around 1,200 registered patients per dispensary. Some districts will have only one new license available, while severely underserved districts will have as many as 9 new licenses offered. Of the 73 total new licenses up for grabs: 22 are located in northeast Ohio (including Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown metros); 8 in northwest Ohio (including Toledo metro); 17 in southeast Ohio (including Columbus and Athens metros); and, 26 in southwest Ohio (including Cincinnati and Dayton metros). Applications must be submitted online using a web portal that will be posted on the Medical Marijuana Control Program’s website. The portal is expected to open on November 4 at 8:00am EST. Prior to the submission window opening, there will be two question and answer periods (9/20 – 10/6 and 10/17 – 10/21). The Board will limit questions to three per person per Q&A period. Importantly, any attempt to communicate with the Board following the end of the second Q&A period will result in an automatic disqualification from receiving a license. Accordingly, it is crucial that applicants obtain the assistance of legal counsel who are experienced in the medical marijuana industry and possess extensive knowledge of Ohio’s…

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Source : Ohio Board of Pharmacy Releases Applications for 73 New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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