How About Slipping The SAFE Act Into The Defense Spending Bill ?


The House likes the idea, we’re not sure if cannabis plants could speak they’d be in favor of sitting next to legislation that’s designed to create chaos and destruction.. oops we’re sorry we meant defense!   Bloomberg reports on what can only be described as political pragmatism. If anything, it appears the politicization of the cannabis plant has only increased exponentially as homo sapiens seeks to integrate it into our increasingly complicated and crazy economic system. We could, of course, say let’s all just grow a couple of plants at home and be done with it but then, here at CLR we’d also be doing ourselves out of a job! #SAFEBanking will strengthen the security of our financial system & keep bad actors like cartels out. Most importantly, it will reduce the risk of violent crime in our communities. It's passed the House 5 times. We cannot wait any longer to address this public safety threat. — Rep. Ed Perlmutter (@RepPerlmutter) September 22, 2021 The U.S. House of Representatives will vote this week on a bill that would let banks do business with cannabis companies without fear of penalty.  The so-called SAFE Banking Act, which is the least disputed reform sought by the growing industry, got picked up as part of broader legislation, and its inclusion in the National Defense Authorization Act was approved by voice vote late Tuesday. It remains to be seen whether the bill will pass the Senate, but the House action gives it a better shot.  The act would be a boon for marijuana companies, which have so far been stymied by the need to deal in cash because of federal restrictions. That has meant they have extra security costs and logistical problems, even as marijuana increasingly becomes legal. Some three dozen states now…

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