FBI Clarifies That Using Marijuana More Than 24 Times Disqualifies Would-Be Agents

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Activists were encouraged this summer when the FBI moved to loosen its employment restrictions for would-be agents who’ve previously used marijuana—but the agency more recently further revised the policy to add a stipulation that applicants are ineligible if they’ve used cannabis more than 24 times after turning 18. Why 24 times specifically? The agency doesn’t explain. It simply said in an update to its job eligibility guidance that candidates who “have used marijuana or any of its various forms (e.g., cannabis, hashish (hash), hash oil, or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), synthetic or natural), in any location (domestic or foreign) regardless of the legality in that location of use, more than twenty-four (24) times after turning 18 years old is a disqualifier for FBI employment.” In July, Marijuana Moment reported that FBI had updated its hiring policies to make it so candidates are only automatically disqualified from joining the agency if they admit to having used cannabis within one year of applying. Previously, prospective employees of the agency could not have used marijuana within the past three years. But at some point within the last month, FBI set a new, seemingly arbitrary threshold for applicants. Use marijuana up to two dozen times after becoming a legal adult? You might still have what it takes to work at one of the nation’s leading law enforcement agencies. Smoke a joint a 25th time? You’re ineligible. That said, consumption prior to one’s 18th birthday is “not a disqualifier for FBI employment,” the agency said. Instead, “adjudicative personnel will evaluate the candidate by using the ‘whole-person concept.’” Why the agency decided to add the new, frequency-related restriction is unclear. But its overall loosening of the rules on prior marijuana use this summer might be more of a practical decision than one that necessarily reflects shifting opinions on…

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Source : FBI Clarifies That Using Marijuana More Than 24 Times Disqualifies Would-Be Agents

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