Europe proposes to raise limit levels for THC in food


According to a report in French publication Newsweed this could be happening… The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2015 set the maximum daily dose of THC at 1μg (microgram) per kilogram of body weight (bw) in food. While Member States and the Commission are now proposing new maximum values, up to 7.5mg / kg (ppm) for hemp oil and 3.5mg / kg (ppm) for dry foods, the European Association of industrial hemp (EIHA) considers these levels still too low. EIHA opposed the proposed new levels with its recommendations to raise the upper limit of hemp seed oil , derived from seeds and flowers, to a maximum level of 20mg / kg (ppm) of Δ-9 THC. An adoption in the coming months Lorenza Romanese, Managing Director of EIHA, told BusinessCann : “The current EFSA limit values ​​are extremely strict and exceeded. They are based on inaccurate guideline values ​​that have been used for too many years. For decades, the EIHA has advocated for a harmonized and scientifically-based approach to THC levels in food at EU level. “While we are pleased to see the European Commission act to adopt binding limits for THC in food across Europe, including 7.5 mg per kg (ppm) of THC for hemp oil, we still think it doesn’t go far enough. “ In a press release, the EIHA describes the new guidelines as “unnecessarily low, not supported by scientific evidence and unacceptable”. The European Commission plans to adopt these new directives before the end of the year. Once in place, they will bring Europe into line with other jurisdictions such as North America and Australia. However, the EIHA continues to push for a higher upper limit of 10 mg in dry foods and 20 mg in oils derived from seeds, which would allow Europe to align with Canada. . EIHA has raised further concerns regarding…

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Source : Europe proposes to raise limit levels for THC in food

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