Why is a vape pen great for marijuana?


As a marijuana enthusiast, you’re probably wondering what is the best way to consume. Smoking weed is not enjoyable for everyone, some people do not appreciate the harshness of smoking and would prefer exploring alternative ways to consume cannabis. If you are one of these people, a vaporizer or a vape pen, like the ones Dankstop offers, might be something that could be of particular interest to you because you will experience an intense high without any smoke or ash residue. This post will give more in-depth information about vaping, how it works and why it is better than smoking as well as how much money you will end up saving compared to traditional smoking. What is a marijuana vape pen? A marijuana vape pen is a handheld and portable device that works by heating marijuana in either dry herb or concentrate form and through the process of heating it up, THC is activated without combustion. Vape pens are generally small and fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. To use this device is also fairly simple. When you suck on the mouthpiece of the vape pen, the batter will transmit a charge to the sensor which results in the temperature rising in the atomizer. This heats the liquid in the chamber and turns it into vapor. A typical vape pen has five elements which include: A tank to hold the cannabis oil. The atomizer which is a small The sensors. The battery. Easy to use Marijuana vape pens are pretty easy to use. Do the following: Ensure the device is fully charged and turned on. Take a small puff at first and then wait for a few minutes. If you are new to vaping, the effects might be subtle at first but as time progresses, you will start to…

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