We tried it: Willie's Remedy CBD coffee & tea review


I sometimes wonder if people will ever stop asking me, “Does CBD actually work?” My guess is probably not, seeing how, like all cannabis compounds, CBD’s efficacy is dependent on a) an individual’s genetic makeup and predisposition, and b) whether or not the product they’ve tried actually contains the amount of CBD advertised. In an industry rife with cheap CBD imitators and perpetual cash-grab attempts, encountering a CBD product that works, and really works, feels like a personal victory.  For me, taking Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee and Tea for a spin felt like one of those personal victory moments. The canna-beverage market is still in a relative state of infancy. It seems like only in the last year or so that a few choice beverage brands have become synonymous with potency and reliability.  CBD can be tricky because if you’re taking it, you want to be able to feel a definite effect without necessarily feeling stoned or even sleepy. My past experience with cannabis-infused coffee and tea is somewhat limited, but if I’ve ever had frustration with either, it’s that the difference wasn’t quite noticeable enough for my liking. So let’s dive into these hot drinks and see how they deliver.  The CBD sister-brand of Willie Nelson’s Willie’s Reserve cannabis, Willie’s Remedy specializes in full-spectrum hemp-infused coffee, tea, tincture, and topical balm. For this review, I’ll be looking at Willie’s Remedy Medium Roast Coarse Ground Coffee, Peppermint Tea Pyramid Bags, and Chamomile Tea Pyramid Bags. First impressions Willie’s Remedy coffee comes in vibrant, brown paper bags with a label that emulates that old-fashioned, “General Store” coffee vibe, with a clear display of CBD content in milligrams (250 milligrams, to be precise) and the signature Willie phrase “Count Your Blessings Daily.” Willie’s tea bags come in round tins of 16 bags…

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