5 Most Popular CBD Strains And Their Uses


Cannabis is slowly growing as a go-to remedy for coping with a variety of ailments. The natural therapeutic properties of the cannabinoids and terpenes offer a low side effect treatment option for several health challenges. The trend especially became popular with the emergence of CBD dominant strains and infused products that purely offer health benefits without the controversial psychoactive effects of weed. As research expands to prove the therapeutic efficacy of CBD, more people are excited to induce the compound into their everyday lives for good health and overall wellness.     If you are curious about trying CBD strains to relish the various benefits, here we share the top five strains you can consider along with their uses. You can choose the strains best suited for your application to ensure outstanding results. Stephen Hawking Kush A striking balance of THC and CBD in strains can introduce intense relaxation of the mind and body to promote healing while simultaneously energizing and refreshing the system. The Stephen Hawking kush is one such exemplary strain that can generally carry a bold balance of CBD to THC at a 1:1 ratio. Not just that, the minty, berrylicious flavors of the strained bond ideally create incredible edibles. You can whip up drool-worthy candies like Sunday Scaries CBD gummies at home with these buds. Specific phenotypes of the strain can carry a predominant presence of CBD at around 22%, thus shifting the ratios of 5:1. In either case, the plant works favorably for users looking to ease stress, anxiety, and restlessness.   A high CBD level induces a more potent relaxation that can be overpowering, blissful, and mellow. Lower levels will still keep the individuals active while calming their minds. The former works well as a nighttime choice to resolve insomnia, relieve pain, and ease…

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