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We started the Seedsman Discord as a place where growers and collectors could hang out without the fear of banning and spamming so commonplace on other social platforms. And that’s exactly what it is, but since launch, it’s grown into so much more. Every day on the Seedsman Discord we’re giving away free seeds in two different games. Guess the Strain A mod will reveal certain clues about a strain on our website, like its genetics, flowering time, or effect. If you’re the first to guess right, you win Seedsman store credit! The Emoji Game Create an emoji from scratch and we’ll add it to our Emoji library. The community votes for their favourite and the winners get a special seed prize. 3 Seedsman genetics for 3 seeds each. This is a monthly competition. A Diverse and Friendly Community Thousands of people across the world are on the Seedsman Discord, all there to connect, share knowledge and learn something. We’ve got weekly live sessions with expert growers, a channel to show your grow and specific channels dedicated to different cannabis scenes. It’s a welcoming and interactive space and all you need to do to join is click here! New to Discord? Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy to find your way around with a Seedsman Discord Guide channel. What are you waiting for? See you in the chat! The post Win Free Seeds Daily on the Seedsman Discord appeared first on Seedsman Blog.

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