Texas Activists Launch Campaign To Put Marijuana Decriminalization On San Marcos’s 2022 Ballot

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Activists in San Marcos, Texas have launched a campaign to put marijuana decriminalization on the local ballot in 2022. The goal is to remove all municipal criminal penalties for simple cannabis possession, building on other criminal justice reforms the group has advanced such as establishing a public defender’s office in Hays County. Advocates with Mano Amiga say they will formally begin the petition process in spring of next year. The text of the proposed initiative is not yet available. “It is well past time that we follow the footsteps of many cities and states in the United States to not criminalize possession of cannabis,” Eric Martinez, policy director for Mano Amiga, told KUT. The group will need to turn in valid signatures from at least 10 percent of registered voters in order to place the marijuana reform on the ballot. Just to the north of San Marcos, a separate campaign attempted to put cannabis decriminalization on Austin’s ballot this November, but activists have since shifted their strategy toward putting the measure in front of voters on the May 2022 ballot. Mike Siegel, the co-founder of Ground Game Texas, which is behind the Austin effort, told Marijuana Moment in a phone interview that the group has so far collected about 30,000 signatures. Looking ahead, it plans to target between six and 12 additional cities for cannabis reform during the November 2022 election. Both Austin and Dallas have already independently enacted law enforcement policy changes aimed at reducing arrests for marijuana-related offenses by issuing citations and summons. There is no statewide, citizen-led initiative process that would enable advocates to put an issue like decriminalization or legalization on the Texas ballot. But at the local level, there are limited cases where activists can leverage home rule laws that allow for policy changes. A…

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Source : Texas Activists Launch Campaign To Put Marijuana Decriminalization On San Marcos’s 2022 Ballot

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