What’s The Best Growing Medium For Cannabis?


The sexy parts of your cannabis plants may be above ground, but it’s down in the root zone where the real magic happens. By taking in nutrients, water, and oxygen, a plant’s roots provide everything it needs to grow and produce top-quality bud. The growing medium largely influences the ability of a cannabis plant’s roots to do so, so picking the right substrate is a pretty important decision. Related Post Best Soil For Marijuana: A Quick Guide For Cannabis Growers Soil – The Most Basic Cannabis Growing Medium Plants have been growing naturally in soil for millions of years. It’s only logical to use this widely available material as a growing medium for cannabis. Cheap and easy to work with, the soil is probably the best choice for all novice growers. It’s also considered by many to produce the best-tasting weed. Because soil contains many microorganisms that help regulate all aspects of the environment, much of the work is taken care of with little input required from the grower. Fluctuations in pH or other variables generally have less drastic consequences than they would in other growing mediums. So there’s more room for making mistakes. Many commercial soils also come packed with nutrients, so there’s no need to add any extra fertiliser or plant feed. Not for t the first few weeks of the growth cycle anyway. Soil is also the most natural and environmentally friendly cannabis growing medium. On the downside, soil can harbour pathogens and pests that could harm your plants. Additionally, the natural growth rate in soil is less than in other growing mediums. Some of which can support larger cannabis plants and greater cannabinoid yields. Coco Coir – A Hugely Popular Cannabis Growing Medium Coco coir is a by-product of coconut harvesting and has become extremely popular…

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