House Could Vote On Psychedelics Research For Military And Marijuana Banking As Part Of Defense Bill

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House lawmakers have introduced a series of drug policy-related amendments to defense legislation, including proposals to facilitate research on the benefits of psychedelics for active duty military personnel and to protect banks that service state-legal marijuana businesses. Other proposed amendments, which the House Rules Committee will take up next week, would codify that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can’t deny home loan benefits to veterans just because they work in the cannabis industry and require the agency to conduct a clinical trial into the therapeutic benefits of marijuana for veterans with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If made in order by the panel, the measures would then go to the floor for consideration by the full House. Here’s an overview of what the lawmakers are hoping to get into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA): Psychedelics for active duty military Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), a veteran himself who recently moderated a conversation with a top psychedelics reform advocate, filed a measure that would allow the secretary of defense to approve grants for research into the therapeutic potential of certain psychedelics such as MDMA, psilocybin, ibogaine and 5–MeO–DMT for active duty military members with post-traumatic stress disorder. The grants could be awarded to federal or state agencies, academic institutions or non-profit organizations. Researchers would need to “conduct one or more phase two clinical trials for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder” involving either individual or group therapy. The grant money could also be used to support training practitioners to treat eligible military members with psychedelics. Until now, Crenshaw has consistently voted against marijuana and drug policy reform measures in Congress, including two prior amendments that were aimed at removing barriers to research on the benefits of psychedelics. His home state of Texas recently enacted a law to…

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Source : House Could Vote On Psychedelics Research For Military And Marijuana Banking As Part Of Defense Bill

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