Black Farmers Association of South Africa Say SAPHRA Won’t Engage – Only Option.. Protest Again!


Dr. Lennox Xolile Mtshagi the National President of BFASA writes… The Black Farmers Association of South Africa has been making the necessary steps to prevent and decrease the ongoing corruption and incompetence within the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority(SAHPRA). As a method to increase our impact we will march to SAHPRA as form of protest and publicize the ongoing corruption so that it is bought to the eyes of the public. They write BFASA has been communicating with SAHPRA for more than two years and it has been a frustrating journey. We have tried time and time again to encourage a constructive and professional dialogue but very little has happened. We are left with no option other than to use the mechanism of a protest march to get ourselves heard. Our members and associates have lost patience and are demanding that our grievances be addressed. The CEO of SAHPRA has stated publicly and even in court papers that she doesn’t take Black People seriously. This is disrespectful and dismissive and unacceptable. For this reason alone she needs to be removed from office The husband of the Chairperson of SAHPRA has assisted “Big Pharma” in their business activities and they in turn encourage delays in providing access to the cannabis economy to Black People. Point in question is assistance to Linesiko (Part of the Aspen Group) to store J&J vaccines in Koega using a company approved by the minister. The ongoing use of the 1965 Apartheid act to perpetuate the exclusion of Black people from the cannabis economy in direct contravention of the sacred Constitution of South Africa and the commitment to upliftment. Licenses are only ever granted to White People and Foreigners.  

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Source : Black Farmers Association of South Africa Say SAPHRA Won’t Engage – Only Option.. Protest Again!

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