UK: Another Tory MP Urges Govt Action On Medical Cannabis


That’s three who have spoken up in the last month alone. At some point Boris, we presume, will see the value in doing something about it to further his own vain ambitions. The MP for Hemel Hempstead Sir Mike Penning has spoken in a debate on access to medicinal cannabis on the NHS. Three years ago, he was instrumental in securing the backing of Parliament and the then Prime Minister Theresa May in making the use of medicinal cannabis legal to treat conditions such as rare forms of epilepsy in children. Sir Mike met with campaigner Hannah Deacon, whose son Alfie Dingley’s seizures had dramatically improved with medicinal cannabis that she had obtained from Holland. Sir Mike introduced Hannah, and Alfie, to the then Prime Minister. …/… Speaking afterwards, Sir Mike said: “It is very frustrating. Many doctors are reluctant to prescribe medicinal cannabis as long-term safety trials are still outstanding, but for that some patients will need to be put on placebos to be able to compare it with the medicinal cannabis drug. “No parent is going to risk their child being in the group that are given a placebo – even for a trial – when they know medicinal cannabis works and stops these horrible life-threatening seizures. “It is clearly the will of Parliament to make this happen. There is cross-party support from all corners of the UK. Other countries are moving forward with this. We need to make it happen here.”

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Source : UK: Another Tory MP Urges Govt Action On Medical Cannabis

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