Sri Lankan Politcal Leader Calls For Legalization Of Cannabis


Cannatech Today reports.. Thusitha Balasuriya is a leader in Sri Lanka’s Social Democratic Party. The political party is new, having only been around in Sri Lanka since 2017. Balasuriya recently called on Sri Lanka’s president and the rest of the Sri Lankan government to legalize cannabis for adult use. Citing cannabis reform in other parts of the world, Thusitha Balasuriya stated that it is “regrettable” that Sri Lanka is still on the wrong side of history on this issue. It is worth noting that the Social Democratic Party is not a political powerhouse currently in Sri Lanka although the leader speaking out is still significant. Sri Lanka is located in a part of the world where cannabis reform has been slow to happen. At best, in some parts of the region cannabis is tolerated, yet is still illegal in virtually every country. Read full story   Also see the Sri Lankan Mirror.

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Source : Sri Lankan Politcal Leader Calls For Legalization Of Cannabis

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