Everything you need to know about the G Pen Micro+ vaporizer


For the uninitiated, G Pen is an accessory brand that produces exclusive-feeling vaporizers at a number of inclusive price points. Its product line features water-filtered e-rigs, proprietary pod batteries, handheld convection vapes, and now, with the inclusion of the Micro+, a dab straw/e-rig/510 cartridge battery hybrid that fits in the palm of a hand. The Micro+ is a standout in the G Pen product line, performing as both an ultra-compact wax pen and a rechargeable cart battery. It is simple and straightforward to use, with multifunctionality that’s surprisingly intuitive to navigate. But more than that, it has the potential to marry committed cartridge fans to the joy of dabs and committed dabbers to the convenience of carts.  What is the G Pen Micro+? The G Pen Micro+ is a hybrid wax pen and rechargeable 510 cartridge battery. Unlike the other proprietary pod batteries in the G Pen line, the Micro+ works with both 510 carts and concentrates and uses contemporary cannabis-tech to predict optimal temperatures for both.  The Micro+ features a ceramic and quartz tank for vaporizing wax, shatter, sugar, and other concentrates, which can be unscrewed to reveal the port for a cartridge. The single button unit is approximately four inches long, with the girth of a fat sharpie or tube of lipstick. It arrives snug in a hemp carrying case alongside a two-inch dabbing tool and a USB-C charging cord. What separates the G Pen Micro+ from other G Pens? G Pen produces its own proprietary oil pods for its oil pen vaporizers, but the Micro+ works with the ubiquitous 510 carts that glisten under dispensary counters coast to coast, rather than the specialized carts made exclusively by G Pen.  Additionally, this pen has the functionality of an e-rig/dab straw hybrid. When the mouthpiece assembly is removed to…

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