Amuse: Delivering Cannabis, Without the Worry

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Opening a legal cannabis delivery company in southern California seems like a natural enough thing to do. The demand for on-call cannabis in the sunny land of young dreamers and strivers is notable and consistent, after all. And for customers, the convenience of shopping for a wide range of brands, ordering a package of cannabis digitally and then having it transported to their front door within a few hours makes the concept behind Amuse—the LA-based, recreational-cannabis company—especially attractive. Courtesy of Amuse And yet, there are some headaches that come along with the excitement and anticipation of blazing up. Marijuana has traditionally brought some degree of risk to its sellers and users. Laws remain on the books in many states against distributing or possessing it, in part because of the criminal elements that have historically controlled the underground market and a worry that the underaged may use the drug. Even as 16 states have made cannabis legal to possess and sell in recent years, they have set high regulatory standards for the dispensaries and emerging cannabis-delivery companies that make up the $24-billion-per-year national legal cannabis industry. Central to those regulations is a requirement that companies know who they are dealing with. They must prove that a customer is verifiably them and that they are 21 or older.  Beyond regulations, companies like Amuse need to consider the safety of their employees, many of whom carry considerable amounts of cash and product as they make their rounds. Ongoing concerns with security need to be baked into the business.  Amuse aims to become the Amazon or Uber of cannabis delivery. It takes orders for a variety of products, everything from edibles to sexual wellness products to vape pens. But the bulk of its business is smokable cannabis. To make sure that it travels under…

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