What is THC-O? What you need to know about the new kid in the THC family


Even with a majority of states legalizing cannabis for medical use, and a growing number of states expanding that legalization to include adult-use, the federal prohibition of THC continues to make things difficult for both the industry and the consumer. While federal legalization of hemp through the 2018 Farm Bill was a step forward for cannabis as a whole, the legal divide between hemp and cannabis has led to a whole lot of legal gray areas when it comes to compounds. Here, we’ll look at the rise of Delta-8, what that has to do with THC-O, and what you need to know to consume these products safely. Delta-8 and the rise of THC alternatives One of the ways this federal disparity between hemp and cannabis is playing out is through the rise of THC alternatives. Take Delta-8-THC, for example. Delta-8-THC is a close cousin to Delta-9-THC, the naturally occurring and intoxicating compound we all know and love from cannabis. Delta-8-THC is what we call an “isomer,” a compound with a similar, though not identical, structure to Delta-9-THC.  And while the structural differences between isomers can be quite small, they can lead to significant differences when it comes to how our bodies process and experience the compounds. Delta-8-THC seems to have comparable therapeutic effects to Delta-9-THC with less intoxication, which could make it an attractive and valuable option for folks who would benefit from or enjoy a milder high. Delta-8-THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp and cannabis plants, but in very small quantities — so small that it’s economically infeasible to extract it from the plants for the sole purpose of making Delta-8 dominant products.  Dr. Christopher Hudalla, chemist, founder, and Chief Science Officer at ProVerde Laboratories  has examined the naturally occurring Delta-8-THC concentrations in thousands of samples and…

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Source : What is THC-O? What you need to know about the new kid in the THC family

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