Paper: Racial Capitalism and the African American Experience Entering the Cannabis Industry By Dr. Ayoka Nurse


Authored By: By Dr. Ayoka Nurse   Background of Study The current public policies in local and state cannabis ordinance and equity programs may enhance racial disparities if they follow the pattern of exclusion and criminalization that encompass past policies promoted as beneficial to African Americans but uphold racial capitalistic practices. From the systemic history of racism in the United States, African Americans exclusion from economic opportunities leads to maximizing profits for the White elite (Hirschman, 2019). Before the civil war, there were more cannabis farms than cotton farms (Green, 2005). American slaves and sharecroppers cultivated and tended to cannabis farms. As new products gained popularity and imports were preferred by the rich, the production of hemp slowed down. Federal laws were limiting, and taxing cannabis became a way of controlling production. Cotton plantation owners promoted cotton products, and society began to look at hemp clothing as inferior (Green, 2005). After the Mexican Revolution in 1910, there was a fear that the influx of Mexican immigrants would increase recreational use (Green, 2005). The nation shifted its views of cannabis, and it became something one uses to alter consciousness, termed getting high. As a result, many White people feared cannabis users would lose their minds and commit violent crimes, especially against White women (Hirilman & Gasnier, 1936). In 1920, the United States federal government classified cannabis as a poison and enacted the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act, and by 1934 the prohibition of cannabis was prevalent throughout the United States, with all states agreeing to adherer to prohibition laws (Green, 2005).   Purpose of the Study The purpose of this qualitative research study was to explore 5-15 African American entrepreneurs’ perceptions about public policy barriers they face when attempting to enter the cannabis industry. Giorgi (1997) explains qualitative research design as…

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Source : Paper: Racial Capitalism and the African American Experience Entering the Cannabis Industry By Dr. Ayoka Nurse

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