Oregon Psilocybin Panel Teams Up With Harvard To Research Psychedelic History And Impacts Of Reform


Marijuana Moment reports An Oregon state panel charged with advising on the implementation of a legal psilocybin therapy program has cleared a team of researchers to produce a comprehensive report on the science, history and culture of the psychedelic as regulators prepare to license facilities to administer it. Members of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board released an initial report in July that reviewed hundreds of studies into psilocybin, as required under the state’s historic, voter-approved 2020 medical legalization initiative. But they were pressed for time and will now be working with a recently established psychedelic research center at Harvard Law School to more thoroughly cover the subject. Part of the intent of the new expanded research project is to help inform legislative efforts outside of Oregon where psychedelics reform is being considered. “Given increasing interest in psychedelics legislation, Oregon will likely be the first of several states to contemplate regulating psilocybin services,” Mason Marks, who serves on the Oregon advisory board for psilocybin, told Marijuana Moment. “To the extent that the [Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications] Report can help inform their decision making, it should be made available for that purpose,” Marks, who is also the director of Harvard’s first-of-its-kind psychedelics policy center, said. “Hopefully, it can provide a bit of a roadmap for fruitful collaboration between states and the federal government.” The initial report that Oregon’s review panel submitted did conclude that psilocybin holds significant medical value for a number of mental health conditions. The substance is shown to be “efficacious in reducing depression and anxiety, including in life-threatening conditions,” members found. But this forthcoming second review—which the board approved late last month and will take up to six months to complete—will cover much more ground. For example, experts will look at how psilocybin prohibition has “affected marginalized communities” and how Oregon’s reform law…

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Source : Oregon Psilocybin Panel Teams Up With Harvard To Research Psychedelic History And Impacts Of Reform

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